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5 common mistakes on business social media platforms

5 Common Mistakes Businesses Make On Social Media

May 23rd, 2018 Posted by Social Media 0 comments on “5 Common Mistakes Businesses Make On Social Media”

5 Common Mistakes Businesses Make On Social Media

Wow, this year is absolutely flying by and we thought it would be a great time to take stock and realign as we go into the second half of 2018. We’ve given you a lot of information this year so far on what you can do to maximise the impact of your Social Media efforts so here’s a summary of common mistakes we see online and what you can do to make sure you’re not making them!

No strategy or plan

This is one of the most common mistakes we’re still seeing brands and businesses making on Social Media and it has always been one of our key focuses for our clients. What we suggest if you find this difficult is to set achievable short-term targets, for example, you might want to take 6 months to focus on growing your audience, or expanding a specific product line or service, or being more conversational… Break your goals and targets down into smaller chunks, prioritise and get going!



A lot of brands and businesses seem to find it challenging to create and implement a regular content plan but in order to remain consistent, top of mind and relevant, planning really should be your default! Figure out a posting frequency that works for you, and make sure you remain consistent, keeping in mind that Facebook’s algorithms seem to favour pages that share content regularly when it comes to organic reach. We recommend doing your own testing and measuring to see what resonates with your audience, and we’d also suggest keeping a backup supply of posts or a list of websites you like sharing, so if you’re ever stuck – you have content that is relevant to keep your posting consistent and your audience engaged.


Attention to detail

Be meticulous when it comes to the smaller details! Make sure that your social profiles look great; if you’re posting links, make sure they work and always take an extra 5 minutes to review your post or profile before publishing. The small details go such a long way to ensure that your brand looks professional and polished at all times and portraying the utmost professionalism means that your current and potential customers will feel confident that you’ll take the same care when it comes to working with them.


Take advantage of the tools each network supplies to support you.

As an example, Facebook has an extensive advertising infrastructure that will help you to grow your Facebook business page and expand your reach.  Do research on how to use each platform to your advantage, many people think that the more platforms you’re on, the more content you’ll have to create and the more work you will have to do, but often all it takes is a simple repurposing of the content to align with each individual platform.


Being paralysed by not feeling ready.

Like we’ve said many times before, just get started! If you wait for that perfect moment or perfect opportunity, you’ll never get going and often it’s better to do so before you think you’re ready so you can gather the information and data you need to make more informed choices as you grow and expand your online presence.

We know it can be intimidating though, so if you ever need a little help or a nudge in the right direction, you know where to find your favourite Lambs 😉

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