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Random acts of marketing can lead to failed social media campaigns

A Random Act Of Marketing

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A Random Act Of Marketing

A random act of marketing is something that is unplanned, not budgeted for, often ill-executed and not well managed, a trap many of us can fall into, especially as a small business. For larger businesses or corporate firms with big budgets, it is easy to absorb some of the possible shortfalls that may come with a random or failed Social Media campaign, and some may even build a buffer for it into their advertising budget as there is always some level of uncertainty and experimentation when it comes to Social Media and online advertising.

Yes, virality is something we all aspire to, that random piece of content that just seems to push all the right buttons and get people talking, but even these elements need to fall into the bigger picture and make sense. We think that’s what actually contributes to creating viral content – something that really touches people that’s authentic, from the heart and stays true to your story.

One thing we can suggest from our experience is to make sure that all your business’ marketing efforts are aligned and fall into some sort of ‘bigger picture’ campaign, although many businesses, especially smaller ones with lower budgets are starting out or making the move across to digital, it still makes sense to keep one eye on making sure that all your marketing efforts speak to each other. This offers your followers and customers a much more cohesive representation of your brand that actually makes sense, and when they see any part of your marketing campaign, they should feel confident and comfortable with the overarching campaign and message, although it may be tailored for different platforms and media.

We recommend planning out your campaign at the beginning of the year or even every six months, and trying to get into as much of the nitty gritty and the detail as possible as to how the message will be translated across each digital platform, perhaps into print and even into other traditional marketing elements like street pole ads if this is a medium that is relevant to your business. This makes it so much easier to strategise and plan, and all you really have to do is think of new ways to implement the campaign and make sure that everything you do is keeping in line with your broader context.

If you’re stuck for content on Social Media, we suggest telling stories. The story of where you started, where you came from, what lights you up inside and what inspired you to get going in your business in the first place. These elements intrigue and excite people and more and more often, will be the questions people start asking before they even choose to engage with you.

We know that sometimes, at first glance all this ‘Social Media stuff’ can be a little bit intimidating, which is why our team at The Social Lamb is here to help! If you need help or advice with your business’ Social Media or you’d like to get started, give us a call or pop in for a coffee. We’d love to be a part of your story!

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