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Creating a Compelling Content Strategy That Works

Sharing great content consistently is undoubtedly the bedrock of any effective social media strategy. But all the hard work your business has put into building your audience online can easily be undone if the content you share comes across as irrelevant or too “sales-y”.

Creating a compelling content strategy that actually works means sharing diverse content tailored to the nuance of each social platform in a way that makes your audience want to engage; content that is aligned to the purpose of your overall strategy and brings your audience closer to your brand with every post.

To ensure the content you’re sharing is relevant to your business and as authentic as possible, it is important to understand the purpose of the actions you’ve devised and laid out in your social media strategy.

Is your purpose to build brand awareness, stimulate sales, start conversations, maintain an online presence or something else?

Establishing your purpose will begin to guide you in terms of the kind of material you can create and share.

That said, there are several universal truths when it comes to creating effective content.

If you follow some or all of the following tips, your online presence will start to shine in no time!

Leverage Nostalgia

Human beings love to reminisce or relive old memories! Delve into the archives and dig up some old photos of when your business started or create a campaign using a much-loved old song to get people engaging and having fun with your content.

Create User-Generated Content

This is content that speaks to your audience’s inner narcissist! Encourage your followers to share a selfie or video testimonial about their favourite product or an experience they’ve had with your brand.

Pull at the Heartstrings

Sentimental or uplifting content is among the most shareable. So find something special about your business or brand you can share to warm the heart of every follower!

Use Useful Date Your Brand Owns to Create Genuinely Useful Content

Every business, no matter what product or service they offer, has access to some unique data that would be useful for your audience to know.

Create a cool infographic or video sharing some of this information, and your audience will undoubtedly start to engage with your posts more and more.

Now that you have some ideas around what kinds of content you should be sharing, here are some different kinds of common errors you can start to be aware of, and types of content you can avoid:

Overly Promotional

Instead of focusing too much on selling, aim to engage your followers in conversation and build relationships and trust with them.

Political or Religious

You’re likely to polarise your audience or offend some people regardless of which viewpoint you take so try to stay neutral in these areas!

Irrelevant Viral Posts or Brand-Inconsistent Content

Authenticity, establishing a voice and staying true to that voice will benefit you far more than trying to capitalise on every viral trend or post.

See your content strategy as a conversation that flows and builds on itself continuously, a natural extension of the personality of your business or brand itself.

The Same Message Across Social Networks

This is something a lot of brands are guilty of! A little tweaking across platforms can go a long way, play with tagging people, add hashtags and use the nuance of each platform to your advantage.

Following these tips and tricks will get you started on your way to creating some really great material.

But when in doubt, leave it to the professionals!

Your favourite Lambs are ready to help you create a content strategy that knocks one out the park every time!