Defining & Reaching Your Target Market/Audience for Social Media Marketing

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Defining & Reaching Your Target Market/Audience for Social Media Marketing

July 8th, 2021 Posted by Uncategorized 23 comments on “Defining & Reaching Your Target Market/Audience for Social Media Marketing”

A target market is a group whose need you aim to satisfy with your product or service. It’s who you’re aiming to sell your product/service to. There are so many different consumers in the market, all with unique needs. No one product can satisfy the needs of every customer in terms of quality, price and value. A target market isn’t only made up of people, it can also be made up of other businesses, organisations and intermediaries that buy your product in bulk. Continuous research needs to be conducted to better understand your target market and figure out how to create more products or services better suited for a more diverse market.

Getting to Know Your Target Audience

A huge part of marketing involves continuously getting to know your target market so that advertising to them is more effective. Digital marketing and social media marketing also require your business and social media managers to understand who the target audience is. When you are clear and concise about who your target audience is, you know which social media channels they’re active on. If you’re targeting millennials, you’ll most likely find them on Instagram and Facebook. Knowing where your target audience is active helps your social media manager optimize the advertising strategy to meet that audience exactly where they are. Businesses make the mistake of thinking that their consumers need to find them, when it’s the business that needs to do research and place themselves where they will be seen by the people who are most likely to buy from them or use their services.

Speaking To Your Audience

Any product or service, by definition, is something created as a solution to an existing problem. Advertising on social media needs to focus on the business’ offerings as solutions instead of just products. It’s about focusing on benefits more than features, and these benefits are specifically suited for a target audience. Getting to know your customers means understanding their pain points, desires and sometimes fears that are unique to them. Social media managers communicate with clients online in a tone that represents the business while also accommodating the target audience. Creative copywriting is essential as statements need to be phrased in a way that grabs the attention of your audience without being too ‘sales-y’. Coming up with captions that captivate and inspire engagement is an art and a skill that social media marketers have. It’s about keeping your clients engaged, invested, loyal and interested in your brand. 

Listen to Your Audience

Community management online also helps businesses get feedback from clients and address any negative feedback. The communications between your audience (potential and current clients) and your brand provide valuable insight that can be used to adapt products and services to meet the complex needs of your clients in the long run. Think of your target audience as your customer, treat them as such and be invested in getting to know them so you can show up for them in ways your competitors can’t. 

At The Social Lamb, we are a team of Creative Copywriters, Social Media Managers and Digital Marketers. We are equipped with the skills, industry knowledge and experience to help any business connect with its tribe online. We want to be part of your journey to growing your business and getting your offerings to the people who need them most. Connect with us so we can help you attract potential customers, engage with them and convert them into sales leads.

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23 comments on “Defining & Reaching Your Target Market/Audience for Social Media Marketing”

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