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Email Marketing

May 3rd, 2017 Posted by Social Media 0 comments on “Email Marketing”

Email Marketing

Email marketing may be the one tool in your Digital Marketing toolbox that is neglected the most, simply because it may not seem as glamourous as a beautifully curated Instagram account or as effective as a viral Facebook campaign, as well as the fact that many businesses don’t understand the importance of such a tool or how they can harness the power of email marketing to grow their brand and expand their business.

A carefully considered email campaign can be as compelling as a story and should demonstrate a deep and intuitive understanding of your audience and their needs, incorporating elements like rich visuals and irresistible subject lines. This targeted and story-like element means that you can reach your customers in a way that is tailored to their specific needs and preferences which will undoubtedly result in higher conversions and more engaged followers.

One of the most important things to remember when considering using email marketing is growing and managing your database of email addresses. Over the years, you may have built up quite a considerable database and for any business, this is as valuable as gold! If you haven’t been able to build up yours yet, don’t worry – there are several different ways you can do this, including running campaigns offering free giveaways, free webinars, tools, tips or gifts. Giving away something for free offers value which encourages people to engage with your brand and your content and learn more about your business.

There are many email management systems that can help you to create and facilitate your email marketing campaigns but at the cornerstone of these efforts will be your own website. Whether you would like your customers to sign up, to register, to purchase a product or even make an enquiry, your website or the platform you are using to link to needs to be created in such a way that it is as easy as possible for your customers to take action. During this process, you should also consider payment mechanisms and portals as well as making sure your website is clear and concise and funnels people towards the action you would like them to take.

Not only do you have to consider a well-thought out and strategic approach to your email marketing but it is often also necessary to ensure that there is some form of cohesion and synthesis with your other broader marketing efforts, whether they be traditional forms of marketing such as print or your other online efforts such as Social Media.

Here at The Social Lamb, our expertise is to make sure that your online and Social Media marketing efforts work together to represent your business in a way that makes sense, stays true to your brand, shows, and understanding of your customer and looks to the future of your business as well as industry standards and trends. If you would like to chat to us about Email Marketing or any other Digital Marketing requirements, you can get in touch on or call Laura on 071 429 6302.

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