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Facebook Ads Vs Boosting: Which One is Better for Your Business?

If you are a Facebook page admin, you are probably familiar with Facebook’s advertising options (and if you aren’t you should definitely get in touch with us!). Facebook’s advertising options offer cost-effective, highly targetable advertising capabilities that your business should be using. With 2.6 billion Facebook users around the world, this is one advertising platform that every business should include in their marketing strategy. If you aren’t familiar with advertising on Facebook you may be wondering which option is best for your business, and this all begins with and depends on your marketing goals and budget.

Why Boosting?  

What is great about boosting is that it takes a post that you have already created and improves its overall reach so that a wider audience sees the content on your page’s timeline. When you boost a post, you will choose a basic target audience, a total budget and the duration that you would like the boost to run. Boosting focuses on increasing engagement and increasing visibility on a single post on your Timeline. If your goal is to increase engagement, likes, shares and comments, then boosting may be the right fit for you. If you are wanting to go beyond the basic identifiers and do more in-depth advertising, then you may want to consider Facebook Ads.

Why Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads are slightly more sophisticated and complicated then boosting. Even if you are still new to Ads Manager, it is worth investing time into getting to know Facebook Ads because there will be many cases where running a Facebook Ad will be the right choice over boosting.  Facebook ads allow you to get specific with your goals and you can choose precise objectives such as website clicks, app engagement and lead generation.

A boosted post has limitations on where the post will show up, whereas Facebook Ads allow you to choose your exact placements that include Instagram feeds, Instagram stories, messenger ads, mobile/desktop news feeds and many other placements. One of the great things about Facebook Ads is that they also allow you dive much deeper into targeting capabilities than boosting does. You can choose a custom audience that you have created and add in more targeting interests to further define your audience.

While you can get creative with the posts that you boost, Facebook Ads give you greater creative control where you can create carousel ads, add headlines, specific descriptions and choose the call-to-action button that you think will work best for your ad. These are just a few of the many creative options that are available on Ads Manager.

The Bottom Line? 

If you are looking to boost engagement and communicate a specific message in a post, then boosting is a good choice for you. Facebook Ads are the obvious choice if you have a specific marketing strategy and objective – you have more options to choose from that will help to optimise your campaign goals!