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Frequently Asked Questions

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Words come to The Social Lambs like wool to sheep. Our copywriting skills range from punny to professional, making sure that your brand sounds as good as it looks. Each post is handcrafted by one of our lambs, then edited, revised, approved and grammar checked before sending to the client.

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Content Creation

Fresh ideas are our thang. Our flock is trained to create a selection of unique posts each month, specific to your brand’s personality. We can take photos for you, use stock images, or use your own images to create a flocking FANTASTIC look and feel, while our in-house creative co-ordinator can add some pizzazz with personalized designs to match.

Community Management

Yup, we’re chatterboxes in the office and we’re chatterboxes online. So, basically, we’d LOVE to respond to all of your customer queries and complaints on social, and we do it in a tone that represents your brand – ensuring consistency and professionalism behind the scenes, too.

Customised Hashtags

Take your social media from zero to flipping hero with just a couple of carefully curated hashtags. We spend time finding successful hashtags that are aligned with your brand, fit your post, and draw the right kind of attention to your social media platforms. It’s the small things that count, really.

Monthly Schedules

As much as we love our own work, we need you to love it too. This is why we create a monthly content calendar which is sent to you in advance, for your approval. It gives you enough time to praise our efforts, and send through any changes you need to be made.

Data Reports

We’re not just pretty social media creators. We’re also numbers-obsessed, so we take the time and effort to draw up quartely reports for you to showcase the successes of your social media, as well as what needs to be changed for the upcoming month.

Our role is to manage your company’s social media presence. This means we create your content with a strategy in mind. We handle the design of your posts, publish the content to your pages, manage the feedback from your followers and, lastly, create striking campaigns that find new people within your target market to engage with. In a nutshell, we find ways for your target market to engage with you on social media, breaking down the barriers and educating people about your company, what makes you different and why they should trust you, work with you and promote you.

The return on investment for social media is that your company will still exist in 5 years. Remember, your growing target market is millennials,  who spend a lot of time using social media every day. Social media is a powerful way of creating a community of trust and value where people (and clients) can engage with you and keep you top of mind.

An example of a platform would be a Facebook page. The platforms we specialise in are Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn for businesses.

Our packages are designed around you, so instead of charging a ridiculous amount to manage a second or third platform for you we have the option of  an additional platform to your package at a reduced price. So, we the content we have planned for your primary platform and also post it on the additional platforms that you choose. Our price includes full management of the additional platforms.

Social Media platforms have massive databases of individuals that, as marketers, we can use to target your specific market.. This we have to pay for, though. Yip, doing social media right is not free! The budget you put towards this targeting is completely up to you. Like most things in marketing, the more you spend the better the results are likely to be. Most of our clients spend between R1 000 and R1 500 a month, but we can help guide you through this.

Boosting forms part of your advertising budget. Depending on the strategy and your budget we would do a mix of boosting (the posts we have created for you) and campaigns which have a variety of different outcomes to consider.

Having an identity and strategy on social media is vital so that people start to recognise your “look and feel”. There is so much content on social media these days so you need to make your branding stand out so that your followers stop scrolling and read what you have to say!

This would depend on what your goals were when you started your social media marketing. If it was brand awareness, then your campaigns would focus on this and your budget would be spent on achieving this goal. We love doing feedback meetings and brainstorming ideas so pop into our offices and let’s have a chat to see how things are going! 

Yes, our contract is for 6 months. This is to ensure we have an opportunity to test and measure the different options for your brand and figure out what works best for your company. After the 6-month contract, you automatically go onto a month-to-month contract, with a month’s notice to end it.

Yes, we do! You could either join one of our monthly workshops that we host on different topics, or you can come in for an individual training session where we train you on everything from strategy development to campaigns!

Social media influencers are often popular figures who have established credibility and authenticity in a specific industry and have the ability to persuade others to act based on their recommendations.

Still have unanswered questions?

We would love to explain everything in person with you and answer any questions you may have so please let us know when we can setup a virtual call with you to answer your burning questions and aid you in your social media journey!