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The Social Lamb


Since launching in 2013 we’ve helped many small to medium-sized businesses around the world use social media marketing to keep in touch with their target market and grow their brand presence online.

The Lamb Story

What started out as a one-Lamb band has grown into a flock of Lambs working out of Durban, South Africa and Oxfordshire in the United Kingdom. The company’s first ever social media post for a client can be traced back to Dubai where Laura was responsible for managing the social media accounts for a five-star resort there.

She returned to South Africa, working a full time job and doing social media as a side hustle for clients in the evenings. Her work soon found traction which meant she was soon taking Fridays off from her full-time job to meet new clients.

With momentum on her side, Laura made the decision to go on her own in 2016, setting up a home office. A year later she was joined by Cali and the ‘flock’ became official. In 2018 The Social Lamb moved into new offices in Mount Edgecombe, KwaZulu-Natal. A year later they renovated their offices to make space for some new Lambs and opened a new office in the UK. With clients all over the world Skype dates and meetings are as common at the office as a morning coffee to start the day and an afternoon glass of wine to end it off!

lamb face cupcakes

Why Lamb!? Well, before Laura got married she quite liked the idea of having her now (thankfully) husband’s initials with her name – Laura Ann Mitchell. Adding a silent B seemed perfect and the name stuck. Voila! 

The company now has an awesome personality and a memorable name. At networking events you may hear others Baaaaaaaaah at the Lambs whenever we talk. We love it!

Where to next? The sky’s the limit and with our amazing self-driven team we want to be the number one referral when social media management services are required. 

We are also expanding into social media training to offer help to those who have the time to do their own social media marketing!


To help business owners promote their companies through professional guidance, imaginative yet constructive administration of their social media platforms, and target-specific advertising. We aim to make every client feel taken care of, supported and valued. We strive to leave a positive mark on each business we work with by using our expertise and creativity to grow their marketing presence and fulfil the unique vision they have for their brand.


To be the go-to agency for social media management, dedicated to providing our clients with consistent service that offers real value and delivers a return on their investment. We see ourselves not only as a business or a brand but as a force that inspires others to be passionate and purposeful in what they do so that they can positively impact the people around them and society as a whole.


Fair and honest (in business and together) + Personal Care + Mutual Respect + Passionate + Consistent + Innovative

amanda anderson

Creative Coordinator

Mands is our calmest but silently fierce Lambie that takes on any challenge with grace and determination. Gifted in too many ways to count with the potential to reach galaxies and further. What else do we love Mands for? Her content! It is as flawless as her skin and her SEO and PPC skills are bound to get you on the best side of Google. If you are looking for a Lambie that relates to your content and is dedicated to your brand, Mands is the perfect Lamb for you!

kendyll coulson

creative manager

Kendyll is our pun master and joke connoisseur! She's always the first to notice when someone's got the blues and is always willing to help wherever she can. She's a wanderlust lamb that has traveled far and wide and has a huge wealth of knowledge to share. She is an earth-friendly, adventurous, and thrill-seeking (except for those heights), inspiring woman! She spins content into absolute gold and creates a beautiful relationship with each client she works with. As our creative manager, Kendyll looks after her team and ensures that each lamb has what they need for maximum creativity!

Gina Torchia

Creative Coordinator

Gina brings emotional awareness and passion to our team. She is a true Marketing Creative and works hard to stay at the top of her game! Her ability to adapt to the constant changes of the Marketing World makes her ultra-valuable to us because no last-minute changes or updates throw this crossfitter off her game. Gina is passionate about delivering to her clients and if you are looking for a Lambie that is resilient, Gina is the Lamb for you!

anele gumbi

creative intern

Anele is our inspiring intern and a full-time BCOM Marketing Management student. While prioritizing her studies and future, she still manages to give The Social Lamb her full attention and is dedicated to helping us Lambs manage our own workloads and never skips a beat! Most importantly, she is extremely self-aware, knowing exactly what emotions she is currently experiencing and understands what she needs to do to take care of herself first in order to keep motivated for the team!

Laura Mitchell

Creative Director

Laura, our fearless leader that adapts with grace and creativity. One thing that really stands out about Laura is her deep love of efficiency without compromising quality! Her support, compassion and work ethic shines bright and keeps this Lambie team motivated and passionate about the work that we do. Laura is filled with optimism and energy and is the Lamb you want on your team to help it grow! Filled with brilliant ideas and an analytical brain, she ensures every single one of our clients sees great results with great value for money.