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Our Top 6 Social Media Predictions for 2020

Influencer marketing, live video, user-generated content and big data dominated the social media landscape in 2019. But what lies in store for the year ahead? We’ve put together some of our social media predictions for 2020 so your business or brand can soar into the new year!

More visual content

The consumption of video content will continue to rise in the new year. According to researchers, a large percentage of online searches will begin to be conducted through voice recognition systems or graphics. Influencer-created content will continue to flourish. The stats tell us that up to 22% of young buyers make purchases after seeing recommendations from influencers online.

The rise of social commerce

Social commerce refers to the use of social networking platforms to promote or sell products or engage in transactions with customers. Small businesses are increasingly using social platforms to conduct business. These platforms have evolved to make it easier than ever to be used as virtual shopfronts.

Online sales processes will become more automated using Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and automation are creeping into many aspects of our lives. The way businesses conduct targeted advertising, data analysis, content creation and community management will soon be performed automatically.

Generation Z will drive adoption of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Social media networks will adopt the use of VR and AR to stay relevant to a young audience. This is because they will offer a more immersive experience to their audiences. The skills needed to create social content will need to expand to include animation, videography and more.

Deeper insights into consumer behaviour

With the onset of wearable technologies and a growing flood of conversations online, the amount of data and insights you’ll be able to collect on your audience and their behaviour will be exponential. This will give marketers the opportunity to target advertising and engage at an increasingly granular level.

Emerging markets will innovate and engage more with mobile

By the year 2020, researchers predict 3 billion people will be accessing the internet via a mobile device only. This means mobile-first engagement such as messaging apps will dominate communication and customer service.

What these social media predictions mean for you

2020 may be the first year where marketers will need to keep up with the demands of their users in an increasingly real-time way.

So how can you, as a business or brands, start to prepare yourself to take advantage of these trends? How do you begin to integrate them into your sales practices and strategies?

Taking these social media predictions into account, we suggest crafting an ever-more personal experience for your customers.

This can be achieved by:

  • scooping up all the new data insights on your audience and their behaviour
  • using the available content creation and community engagement tools

If you’re unsure where to start or need advice on the best way to launch your business into the new year, grab a coffee with us at The Social Lamb. Let’s make 2020 your business’ best ever!