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Styling Your Brand For Social Media

Once you’ve mastered the basics of social media – you’re active on multiple platforms, your profiles are looking polished and professional, you’re engaging meaningfully and consistently and building your audience – you can begin to focus on the dynamics of starting to create a unique brand voice and identity.
One of the ways you can do that is through brand styling. Brand styling is the art of designing and developing a name and a voice for your business. It includes most of the elements of traditional branding, but also a lot of the detail that can be overlooked when creating a brand and its inherent business processes and systems. While beautiful aesthetics and stunning visuals are imperative when it comes to styling your brand, it is also important to consider that every part of the business process your customers touch. Whether it’s an email sign-up form, a free e-book download or a product purchase via your e-commerce store or Facebook Marketplace environment, the elegance and ease with which your customers can access your content contribute to a better user experience. This results in greater affinity and joy with your brand.
One of the advantages of brand styling is the opportunity to explore and discover the nuances and idiosyncrasies that make your brand unique.
That is, one that stands out from others; one your audience can connect with,  support and grow with into the future. Brand styling goes deep. As you begin to weave a narrative and start to develop a voice and a style that fits with your inherent brand values and ideals, the engagements you create with your audience will become more meaningful, sustainable and generative. Brand styling also involves looking at strategic objectives, exploring brand impact, and drilling down into the detail that will really leave a lasting impression that is beautiful, aesthetic and impactful.
To implement brand styling effectively for your business requires a deep understanding of your audience.
But how is this implemented and used across social media platforms? We suggest creating your one personal sense of style, use your own themes and colours within your graphics, really get intimate with what your brand stands for and be proud of the work that you’ve done to create it! Start to share personal stories of your team, or your history, consider the words you’re using and share content from other brands whose ideals and values match yours. There are many practical methods and questions you can ask to get to the level of detail you’d like to reach, but this doesn’t always come easily. It involves asking yourself the questions about your brand you may have never thought of before and being willing to put in the work to institute and generate that which will bring your brand and your message to life. Or you could pop in for a coffee here at The Social Lamb and we’ll show you how.?