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Why it's Costing Your Business More to NOT be Online. 

In this day and age, it is actually costing your business more not to be online than to invest in a carefully considered, strategic digital marketing strategy. The way that customers interact has shifted away from the more one-sided methods of traditional media and towards a more interactive relationship with brands and businesses, so if they can’t find and interact with you online then it’s likely they will move on to someone they can.

One of the most important differences to note between online media and more traditional forms of advertising and marketing is measurability. Technology has evolved such that consumer behaviour and interaction online is measurable down to the last click and while this might seem scary for some, this information is like gold to a marketer, allowing us to track our efforts and make sure that each and every cent is being utilised in the most effective way. Using online campaigns means that you are able to target your specific audience and customers, as well as exposing your brand to new customers, which in turn reduces the amount you spend on generating leads and sales.

Being online makes your business more accessible, searchable and easy to find. These days, your consumers are more likely to search on Social Networks, predominantly Facebook & Instagram to find information, and more and more often, brands are using these platforms as a shop-front on which customers can transact using the retail functions of the platforms themselves.

It is worth keeping in mind that building up a strong Social Media presence that yields you results takes time and effort so initially, it may be necessary to continue with your other marketing efforts as you grow. What you put in will be what you get out, but getting started online doesn’t have to be an intimidating or ominous task. Making small, strategic and manageable changes to your business’ marketing strategy can be very effective and the beauty of online marketing is that a little goes a long way, in terms of your financial investment.

In the future, we predict that the online applications for marketing will only increase, expand, accelerate and exponentialize and the way your brand interacts with customers will continue to evolve and change. If you truly want your business to be successful now and in the future, investing in Social Media and Digital Marketing is the obvious choice, and even if you start off small, getting your business online is vital for its growth and longevity. If you’ve been thinking of getting started, or even if you’ve had a go but just need a little help or advice, give us a call – we’d love to learn more about you and how we can invest in the future of your brand.

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