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The benefits of using Facebook’s targeted advertising

What are the benefits of using Facebook’s targeted advertising infrastructure? We often get asked this question by our clients and thought this would be a great opportunity to educate you on the benefits and pitfalls of making use of Facebook’s extensive, hyper-targeted advertising infrastructure.

You may have seen ‘sponsored’ posts popping up on your timeline from time to time and wondered what they were.

Basically, a sponsored post means that the person or business has paid to make sure that their post reaches more people than it would have organically.

Facebook distinguishes between the two by calling them ‘paid’ reach and ‘organic’ reach, and you’ll notice this distinction if you ever decide to run a Facebook campaign yourself.

Extend Your Reach by Boosting Facebook Posts

Paying to promote your posts is a great way to build your following and grow your audience at the very beginning when you’re just starting out and your organic reach is still very low.

For the most part, when you’re posting content from your own page, only your fans see your content. However, when you ‘boost’ a post your reach and circle of influence becomes exponentially larger.

Facebook ads are highly targeted, sometimes eerily so, and brands and marketers can get very specific about your age, location and demographics, and even information about other pages you’ve liked on Facebook or if you’re engaged to be married.

Another huge benefit of using Facebook advertising is the extensive reporting, analytics and data that is available to you after you run a campaign. Functionality like A/B testing means you’re also able to run two very similar campaigns with just one different variable and test to see how your audience responded to each and adjust your content accordingly to ensure your ad is most effective.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Many businesses and marketers may find that running advertising campaigns on Facebook is a lot more cost-effective – content can be created, tailored and curated according to what your audience enjoys and money is therefore not wasted serving your advertising content to people who aren’t really your target market anyway.

When you run Facebook ads, you can reach users across multiple platforms such as Instagram, which exponentially multiplies the reach and potential of your campaigns. Facebook also allows you to track the leads generated on a website or landing page so you can see exactly where traffic is coming from and in this way do more of what works to create visibility and sales for your business.

As organic reach steadily decreases, more and more businesses are turning to Facebook advertising to make sure that the work and the effort they put into creating content and campaigns for social media yields a benefit of engagement and revenue.

Crowded Facebook Timelines

One of the downsides of Facebook advertising is that the more businesses boost their posts, the more saturated our news feeds become with advertising.

Hopefully, though, Facebook’s recent moves towards more engagement with authentic, community-based content will mean that users continue to receive a rich, rewarding experience for the most part with more of the content that they really want to see.