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The importance of strategy to your Social Media plan

August 29th, 2017 Posted by Social Media 0 comments on “The importance of strategy to your Social Media plan”

The Importance of Strategy to Your Social Media Plan

Very often, due to limited time or resources, small businesses can make the mistake of knowing that they have to post something on their Social Media accounts, but failing to do so with any real thought or strategic know-how. Many people think that posting something is better than nothing at all but an ill-considered or haphazard post can often leave your followers confused and wondering about your brand’s messaging and direction in general.

As you start to consider a more cohesive and strategic approach to your online efforts, we would recommend doing research into when your followers online, as well as when they are most likely to engage with your content. We have so much information available to us in the form of data and analytics that it is possible for you to pinpoint the exact day and time when the majority of your followers are online. With organic reach continuing to drop,  we advise using tips any means necessary to increase your organic reach if possible. We would also advise you to start incorporating the latest Social Media trends into your strategy, for example at the moment, video and vlogging is seeing a big push across the board and live video (vlogging) is the new hot medium for brands to get their message across to their followers.

A combination of strategic decisions along with incorporating the type of content that is trending at the moment will ensure that you stay relevant but you don’t compromise on or sacrifice your brand’s message. Another important thing to remember is strong calls to action – a lot of people take the time to create aesthetic and well-designed posts but they often neglect to include a call to action. A strong call to action needs to be one of the most important and well-used tools in your strategic tool box – without it your followers are left uncertain of how to act, even if they want to!

Almost as important as your Social Media strategy itself is your strategy for Facebook ad spend. This needs to be carefully considered, well-organised and consistent. As I mentioned earlier, organic reach on Facebook is decreasing so much so that it is almost impossible to avoid using Facebook’s advertising infrastructure, until you have built up a really solid following of your own. You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot at the beginning, but choose a few posts every week that you would like to boost, target them to a fairly specific target market, and make sure you include a strong call to action where needed. It also might be a good idea to include an element that you can measure within the ad or ad campaign, so you can see track if your ads are working or not, and what kind of leads, if any, your ads have yielded.

Consistency is key when it comes to your Social Media platforms, plan ahead and ensure that you always have your content for the week/month scheduled if possible, and you can always add in extra or fun elements as you go along. If you need help planning or executing your Social Media strategy, give your favourite Lambs a call or pop in for a coffee anytime ?

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