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The Importance of Values and Vision in Business

As companies move closer toward a future where the importance of values is emphasised more than ever, it is vital for them to start confronting exactly what it is that they want to stand for in the world. 

Moreover, they need to know how to make that as clear as possible for consumers seeking those who share their values.
Values themselves can be defined as the guiding principles of any individual, company or organisation.
They are the fundamental beliefs that dictate how people should behave and act and should be clear and evident in the work that they deliver.

They are the compass by which team-members should consistently calibrate themselves; the beating heart of everything a business stands for in the world.

But why are values so important? Values allow companies to determine whether or not they’re on the right path to fulfilling their business goals. They also give current and prospective employees the opportunity to evaluate whether the company is a good fit for them or not.
Companies that don’t yet have a strong sense of their values should be asking themselves questions like:

At The Social Lamb, our values are clear and well-defined. We aspire:

Being an entrepreneurial, growing business, it goes without saying that the values of a small team like The Social Lamb are deeply intertwined with our own personal values as people. This is why we have taken the time and care to discover and define the values of our business and to reiterate those values when considering adding new people to our team.
As we embark on our mission to support and empower business owners to promote their businesses through professional guidance and creative, well-informed administration of their online platforms, we have chosen these values to support us in staying aligned to our collective goals and to our commitment to our clients.
Our values must, too, support The Social Lamb’s vision as a company, which is to provide our clients with consistent service that represents value for money and a return on investment, and to be a business that inspires others to create something that positively impacts their communities and those around them through passion and purpose.
As we enter into a new era where more people and more businesses are realising the importance of values and a vision, more and more clients will begin to evaluate those businesses based on what they believe in, what they find important, and what they would like to be in the world.
Business relationships of the future will increasingly be entered into based on mutual trust and contribution, and a common awareness of what can be created when people and teams come together on the basis of the values that they share.

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