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5 benefits of a business being active on social media

Why Social Media is Important for Business

September 10th, 2016 Posted by Social Media 0 comments on “Why Social Media is Important for Business”

Why Social Media is Important for Business

Social Media has ferociously taken over the way businesses do their marketing, get customer feedback and to some degree manage their staff. So in the big scheme of things why should your small to medium business be active on Social Media, and how would it benefit you?

Below, in our opinion, are the most important benefits for a small to medium sized business to be on Social Media:

1. Social Media increases Brand Recognition
This is possibly the most common benefit to every business for being online, brand recognition or repetition of seeing your brand is so important in the aggressive marketing world, where customers are fickle and chop and change with no loyalty to you or the company. Having your brand front of mind, educating your customers what you have been up to in terms of outreach programmes and continuously reminding them why you are the best (testimonials) brings in an essence of loyalty online and leads to referrals as well.

2. Inbound traffic to your website
Marketing online can be compared to traditional marketing by naming your Website your Salesman online. Your website is built around your unique selling point and the sole purpose of converting traffic into leads when people land on your site – you must therefore ensure that your website represents your business in the best possible way and leaves a professional first impression for all visitors. Social Media then helps play the role of bringing new prospects to your website by including links to your website and convincing potential customers to learn more about a specific service by clicking through to your website.

3. SEO Benefits
On a similar point to above, SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization is how your website is ranked on a Search Engine – such as Google – according to certain keywords that relate to your product or service. For example when someone searches Social Media Management on Google, we would want to be on the first page in order to benefit from the customer interested in our services – Google would therefore send out its “spider legs” and search for every keyword relating to Social Media Management online (and according to the area you are in), see how often the website pertaining to those keywords is mentioned on other online platforms (social media linking to the website for example), if their own website has recently been updated with a Blog and whether other people are talking or interacting with the brand on Social Media; Google then gives you, the searcher, the best results for those specific keywords and you go on trusting Google with the business on the first page being the best of the best.
So as you can see from the process, Social Media plays a very important role in you being found on Search Engines.

4.Lead Generation
Most Social Media platforms have advanced targeting options to target specific people that would be interested in your brand. Taking Facebook as an example, you can specify exactly who it is you want to send an advert out to, from their age, gender, how old their kids are, whether they have recently returned from a business trip or if they are interested in specific items that may be similar or in the same industry as your product/service. Then when you are talking to the right audience, getting them to like your page so that you can continue to build the trust and relationship with them and directing them through to your website (salesman) they will eventually turn into a lead and then a client, which in the end is what we are all looking to achieve when we spend money on a Marketing tactic.

5. Be the leader in the industry
Social Media is happening whether you like it or use it in a personal capacity, so why not be ahead of the game and start it off on a professional note. Not waiting until you don’t have any business or hear of a complaint coming through a Social Media platform and your business not having a professional online “leg” to stand on and sort the problem out before it gets bigger – be the leader, let your competitors learn from you and grasp the idea of Social Media as it is certainly not going away!!

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