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The importance of marketing onl Facebook during the holidays

Why you shouldn’t STOP your Marketing over the Holiday Season

November 29th, 2017 Posted by Uncategorized 0 comments on “Why you shouldn’t STOP your Marketing over the Holiday Season”

Why You Shouldn't STOP Your Marketing Over the Holiday Season

Hello from The Lambs! We hope you are all getting excited for a busy and profitable Festive season as well as a well-deserved holiday. Something we’ve been noticing lately is that many businesses often choose to tone down or even take a break from their Social Media or online marketing efforts over the Festive Season and we can’t understand why!
Contrary to popular belief, many people are engaging on Social Media during the holidays, and research has shown that online usage actually increases as people browse for gifts or look for things to do. In our opinion, it is the perfect occasion to be visible and active online, taking the opportunity to advertise holiday specials and discounts or even just to spread a little Festive cheer in your followers’ news feeds and it would be a shame for businesses not to take advantage of this trend, even if their business itself is not trading over this period. If your business closes over the Christmas period, this time can become an opportunity to engage with your audience in a fun and interesting way, perhaps even focusing on charitable or CSR initiatives that will allow people to see a different aspect of your business as opposed to simply the advertising or sales content that is more the focus during the year. Use this as a chance to get creative or do something positive for your community, or get an initiative going that would impact the area you live in – the possibilities are endless! Instead of using this period as ‘down-time,’ we suggest taking steps to maximise the momentum you’ve created during the year using holiday campaigns and themed content that will increase your brand’s online exposure and engagement. Social Media platforms, for the most part, have scheduling capabilities so even if you’re taking time off, it doesn’t mean your Marketing has to! We recommend planning a few months in advance and definitely not excluding the holiday period when it comes to your Social Media strategy. Some ideas or suggestions we’ve had (depending on your business) could be –
  • A holiday campaign asking your followers to contribute their favourite holiday traditions or memories, and incorporating this content into your Social Media strategy.
  • Using the fact that you are on holiday in a humorous way, such as, we might be out of the office but we’re still thinking of you! Leave us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.
  • Holding an event once you are back at work for everyone who was interested in connecting with you over the holiday season, or even a 2018 kick off for potential clients or anyone who would like to know more about your business and using the holiday period to build up to that.
There is so much that is possible, and you can really have some fun over the Christmas / New Year period! If you would like to chat about your ideas, you can get in touch with us today by emailing
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